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Smart Lineups

Quick and easy lineups

Smart Lineups

Use our pre-built smart lineups to make entering contests quick and easy. Just choose the sport, platform and slate to get an instant lineup, and then swap players in and out based on our recommended replacements. Ideal for players new to daily fantasy or for when you're short of time! Smart Lineups is available with any daily fantasy package.

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3 easy steps


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Make the optimal lineup on the go in 3 super easy steps: choose your sport, platform, slate, and contest type, click optimise lineup. Swap one or more players with our recommended replacements to give your lineup an edge and simply enter it into Draftstars or Moneyball. Different to the Lineup Cruncher because it gives you an instant starting point, Smart Lineups is best for putting in a lineup when you're short on time or new to the DFS game.


  • 3 steps to build an optimal lineup

  • Simple advice on picking players

  • Uses Fantasy Insider projections

  • Easy to use on the go

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