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Player Projections

The ultimate fantasy form guide

Player Projections

Have confidence in your lineups and get the edge on your competitors with projections built using the latest techniques in predictive analytics and machine learning, developed and tested by daily fantasy sports player dpwoodford. Player projections are available with any DFS package.

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Our player projections are the backbone of why our subscribers are the best in the pack - every lineup you make on Fantasy Insider uses them. Experts in sports modeling, we process and analyse data taken from multiple sources and run it through computer simulations of every potential event in order to give you the most accurate player and team performance prediction possible. As a DFS subscriber, you can view up-to-date projections for every player in the projections tab, in Smart Lineups, or even alter them from within the Lineup Cruncher tool.


  • Daily or weekly point projections for every player

  • Regularly updated

  • Sort players view by position, salary, projection and team

  • Projections tailored to Draftstars and Moneyball scoring systems

  • Modeled from years of historical data

  • Downloadable csv

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