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nrl Top Player Comparisons

Player 1 Player 2 Win %
#1 Ryan Matterson vs Shannon Boyd 52.0%
#2 Joseph Leilua vs Ryan Matterson 66.0%
#3 Kane Evans vs Zane Tetevano 100.0%
#4 Joseph Leilua vs Jack Wighton 56.0%
#5 Luke Keary vs Joseph Tapine 80.0%

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nrl Fantasy Top Scorers

Player 1 Team $/pt
Smith MEL $700.11
Mannering NZL $692.79
Fifita SHA $701.8
Burgess STH $723.94
Merrin PTH $559.3
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nrl Supercoach Top Scorers

Player Team $/pt
Smith MEL $485.92
Gallen SHA $556.72
Burgess STH $481.33
James GCT $485.29
Mannering NZL $486.92
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