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afl Top Player Comparisons

Player 1 Player 2 Win %
#1 Jarman Impey vs Karl Amon 66.0%
#2 Jarman Impey vs Ed Langdon 100.0%
#3 Tom Barrass vs Jarman Impey 100.0%
#4 Tom Barrass vs Ed Langdon 50.0%
#5 Tom Barrass vs Riley Knight 50.0%

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afl Fantasy Top Scorers

Player 1 Team $/pt
Rockliff BRL $372.64
Dangerfield GEE $393.84
Treloar COL $388.53
Martin RIC $391.83
Pendlebury COL $391.62
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afl Supercoach Top Scorers

Player Team $/pt
Dangerfield GEE $280.06
Pendlebury COL $306.61
Rockliff BRL $326.64
Treloar COL $298.7
Selwood GEE $326.85
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