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Cheat Sheets for Final Australia-India T20

Posted Sun 31 January by Darryl Woodford

No sooner has it started, than the T20 series against India is ending tonight in Sydney.

We’ve re-jigged our Cheat Sheet format a little for tonight’s game. There have been a lot of requests for .csv and similar formats, to allow people to build their lineups, and tonight we’ve taken the first step in that direction by publishing the cheat sheets in tabular format. Some of the extra info (floor, ceiling, salaries) haven’t made it for today’s update, but should be there for the next contest we cover.


For now though, head over and check out today’s cheat sheet, or use the image below:

Darryl Woodford

Darryl is the guy behind the DFS username dpwoodford. Co-founder of Fantasy Insider, he has over 15 years experience in building models for betting on sporting events, and was one of the early leaders in Australian DFS.

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