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Big Bash Cruncher Guide & Holiday Update

Posted {{post.formattedDate}} by Darryl Woodford

And so, this is Christmas and the third year that we've had a holiday update on the site. When we launched this as 'The Footy Guys' blog publishing PDF cheat sheets for AFL & NRL back in spring of 2015, who'd have guessed where we are today.

Getting the most out of the Lineup Cruncher for Big Bash

Firstly, the reason you're probably here. We know there are a dearth of 'how-to' guides and detailed instructions for some of the features on the site. We've had quite the last 6 months on the company front (more on that in the new year, but trust us - it's exciting news!), and our Big Bash tools were literally ready the morning of the first game. Guides for some of the other features on the site, and some common Q&A will follow in early-mid January, but for now, let's explore how to use our tools to get the most out of  Big Bash:


Secondly, if you've dreamed of working for Fantasy Insider, or just in sports data / speculation more generally, we have some news for you. Early in the new year we'll be advertising for a digital designer, data scientist and marketing specialist. If you fit one of those roles, drop us an e-mail, Intercom message or tweet, with your resume and a bit of background.

Holiday Updates

And finally, the bad news. Inline with keeping our sanity over the holiday period, updates and content may not be 100% consistent on the site. In particular, the following days are likely to be impacted:

December 24 - NBA: An update will be published the evening of December 23, but there is no guaranteed morning update on December 24.

December 25 - NFL: No morning update.

December 26 - NBA: An update will be published at some point on Christmas Day, but there is no guaranteed morning update on December 26.

December 26 - Big Bash: An update will be published at some stage on December 24 or 25 for the December 26 game, subject to the platforms publishing their salaries.  Content schedule for December 26 is TBD.

December 27 - NBA: An update will be published at some point on Boxing Day, but there is no guaranteed morning update on December 27.

We should return to more or less a usual schedule from December 28. As described previously, we are not publishing post-toss updates for Big Bash this year, due to the unreliable nature of the data.

Onwards to 2018

Thanks as always for your support and loyalty in 2017. It's been a year of ups and downs, and there've been periods where we haven't been able to deliver as much as we'd wish. 2018 promises to take this site, and our company, to new levels, and we hope you stick with us on the journey.

Happy Holidays!

Darryl & Katie.