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Week 14 looks one to avoid, but if you insist...

Posted {{post.formattedDate}} by Darryl Woodford

Week 13 wasn't great for me -- just falling below the break-even mark, and from the look of Week 14 I don't fancy taking my chances. There's so much equality across the positions, it's hard to find any stand-out plays, and when you combine that with low-spread, closely totalled games, there's not many clues around. With NBA in full swing, I might play 1 or 2 lineups this week or I might take a pass, but for me it's not a week to go mad.

As usual, we discuss the week in detail in the DFS Down Under podcast, and highlight one or two players that might help you if you do decide to take the challenge!


  • QB: There's not a whole lot that stands out, but the cruncher does really like Winston (19.2) on both platforms, but especially on Moneyball. Elsewhere on Draftstars, Brees (19.9), Brady (21.5) & Savage (14.4 @ $8k) are all good options.
  • RB: At Draftstars, McCoy (18.6), Gordon (18.4), Freeman (15.2), Crowell (10.8 @ $6950), Gore (12.6 @ $8950), Hyde (15.9), and Bell (20) all make it into our top 4 lineups, while at Moneyball the Cruncher loves Lamar Miller, (14), with Hyde (13.8), Bell (17.8), Gore (11.5) and Freeman (14) also making our top lineups.
  • WR: Baldwin (14.2), Westbrook (11.3 @ $7450), Brown (20.7), Tate (14), and T.Y. Hilton (12.3) lead the line at Draftstars for the cruncher, while Brown (17.3), Jones (15.6), Inman (8.8 @ $4.7k), Keenan Allen (14.9), DaVante Adams (12.8) and Cooks (13.9) are our top options at Moneyball. Most of them have obvious stacking partners that you'd want to take note of. I hadn't considered him despite a decent return, but the Josh Gordon stat on the podcast would be enough to convince me to give him a shot -- be sure to listen to find out what it was!
  • TE: Kelce (15.8) and Cook (9.9) are good options at different ends of the pricing spectrum at Draftstars, and I don't hate Graham (11.5) who as we discussed on the pod has returned to form recently. At Moneyball, the top options are Doyle (8.7) and Kelce (13), with Greg Olsen (8.8), and Seals-Jones (6.2) also cheapies definitely worth a look.
  • DEF: Jaguars will be highly owned, so for me it's Titans/Texans/Packers at Draftstars, and Jets/Packers/Texans/Titans at Moneyball.

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