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So many stacks, where to begin..?

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Pretty much every Quarterback you might want to play in Week 13 has a viable stacking option, which means it could be a week for the multi-entry players to really shine. Much like on Thanksgiving, where I took down the main event at Moneyball with a Rivers stack, I think it's hard to go against that strategy across this weekends action. On top of that, there's cheap QB like Geno, Jimmy G and Trubisky that present as viable plays, as well as normally ignored options like Blake Bortles - so finding the right mix in a  cheap stacks could leave you plenty of salary for premium plays and en-route to a massive score.


  • QB: From the Crunchers perspective, Bortles (18), Carr (17.3), Trubisky (14.9) and Ryan (18.7) are the top plays at Draftstars, while Rivers (20), Bortles (18) and Ryan (18.7) are our top plays at Moneyball. Crucially, all of those have interesting stacking options, which you'll see in the Wide Receivers and Tight Ends sections below. I'll also likely feature some Brady, who has a good matchup and also has some prominent stacks. Wye highlights Cousins, who the cruncher also likes as a top-5 play, while Geno Smith and Jimmy Garoppolo are really viable cheap options, though I'm a little worried about Geno's leash.
  • RB: LesSean McCoy (17.7), Marshawn Lynch (what on earth is going on with his Draftstars salary? We project him for 12.7 at $6000), Melvin Gordon (19.3), Todd Gurley (19.5),  Leonard Fournette (17.4) and Ingram (16.7) are our top picks at Draftstars, while Howard (15), Hyde (13.9), Gurley (17.6), Gordon (17.4),  and LeVeon Bell are the top picks at Moneyball. Wye highlighted Jamaal Williams, who I think is worth a look at Moneyball. Lynch is basically a lock at DS.
  • WR: Jones (19.1) had a great weekend last week, and hopefully he can continue that form in a stack with Ryan. Crowder (14.5) and Hopkins (17.1) are our other top WR plays on DS. At Moneyball,  Brown (17.6), Inman (CHI, 8.7 @ 4700) and Westbrook (JAC, 8.3 @ 4800) are our top plays. The Westbrook/Bortles and Inman/Trubisky combos in particular will leave you with lots of money for premium options.
  • TE: It's all premiums really at Tight End, with Evan Engram (12.2), Gronk (15.3 - pair with Brady) and Kelce (14) our top plays on Draftstars, and Cook (8.4), Davis (8.1), Gronk (13) and Kelce (11.3) on Moneyball.
  • DEF: The Jaguars are the premium defence of the week if yoiu can afford them, while the Broncos are the best value. On our top 4 lineups, it's either Broncos or Dolphins at Draftstars, and Rams, Broncos, Bears or Ravens at  Moneyball.

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