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NFL DFS Down Under Week 7: All Change

Posted {{post.formattedDate}} by Darryl Woodford

Last week was a strange one.. there were underdogs galore which were great for our Stats Insider predictions (+180% ROI), but not so great for DFS teams using Vegas information to decide on stacks. This week, we're back to - on paper - more competitive games, although with one of the highest recent NFL totals in the Falcons/Patriots game. We discuss all that and more on this week's Woot & Wye podcast...

NFL Crib Notes

Tournaments are down this week, with $20k at Draftstars now the NBA is underway. Still some decent money though, so let's quickly run through some of the better options for this weekend...

  • QB: While last week we had quite a big shortlist at QB, I think there's fewer options that warrant serious attention this week. Drew Brees (21.3) is one of my favourite options at both platforms, along with both Tom Brady (20.8) and Matt Ryan (19.8) from that aforementioned high-total game. Elsewhere, I don't mind some exposure to Rivers (17.2) at Draftstars, while Kirk Cousins (19.2) is also viable at MB
  • RB: Freeman (18.5) is one of my top options again, though as always need to be careful about managing your options in that Falcons game. Lynch (12.3 @ $6k) is cheap and likely to be one of the best value options at Draftstars, followed by Gordon (17.1), Howard (14.2), Kamara (14.3), Gilislee (10.2 @ $6100) & Fournette (17.2). At Moneyball, Gordon/Howard/Kamara are my top 3, followed by Freeman & Lynch. Hunt (17.9) and Gurley (16.2) are expensive but viable at Moneyball, while Murray (12.1) is a good cheaper option there.
  • WR: It's another week with lots of viable WR options at different salaries, making it easy to find good stacking options Nelson (16.3), Hilton (15.9), Jones (19), Allen (16), Cooks (15.1), Maclin (11.1 @ $7800), Crabtree (14.9) and Evans (15.6) top my Draftstars shortlist, and it's pretty similar at Moneyball with a special mention for Keenan Allen (13.1) who looks to have great value.
  • TE: It feels like we mention the same names here each week, and I'm starting to come around to paying up for a premium TE. Reed (12.8), Rudolph (11), Walker (12.5), and Kelce (14.1) are my preferred options at both sites, while if you're entering a bunch Cook, Fleener & Engram are also worth a look, especially at Moneyball.
  • DEF: As always it's a case of shaking up the defences and hoping you find the right combo. The Jaguars, Broncos & Redskins look like good value options at Draftstars this week, and - as we discuss a bit on the podcast - the Falcons are super cheap at Draftstars (making me think their defence salaries are a function of the opposing team total) -- yes there's a 55 total, but high totalled games can still be low scoring, so at $4k the Falcons could be worth a risk in a lineup or two. At Moneyball, my shortlist is Ravens/Redskins/Jags/Chiefs.

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