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NFL DFS Down Under Week 6: Stacks Galore

Posted Thu 12 October by Darryl Woodford

There’s a bunch of big favourites in the NFL this week which, while not a great spectacle for the casual viewer, should mean there’s plenty of DFS stacks to go around. So, be sure to listen to this week’s Woot & Wye podcast, where we discuss how much better Week 6 looks than Week 5, some of the standout and random plays that might find their way into our lineups, and some of the new features coming to Fantasy Insider for NBA and NFL over the next week…

NFL Crib Notes

We’ll see how this changes once NBA is under way, but we have another $10k at Moneyball and $25k at Draftstars headlining the weekend ahead. We’re still in what the software industry calls ‘crunch mode’ here at FI as we prepare and test the new NBA features, but here are some of the players I like:

  • QB: With the salaries and the matchup via Miami as a big favourite, the cruncher is back to our Matt Ryan (20) / Julio Jones (18.2) love fest on Draftstars this week. I’ve lost count of the number of times that combination hasn’t quite worked for us this year, but I think you have to at least throw a couple of lineups in with that pairing. Other viable options are Aaron Rodgers (20.4), Drew Brees (20.9), Blake Bortles (15.9) & Phillip Rivers (17.3). A bit different at Moneyball, with DeShaun Watson (20.4) drawing a great matchup and exciting at $8k, Kirk Cousins viable (19.2 @ $7900) and Rodgers, Brees & Ryan still solid options.
  • RB:  Freeman (18) looks good at Running Back, with the potential for a rare DP recommended 3-man stack in the Falcons Game. Otherwise,  Howard (14.7), Fournette (17.8), Murray (14.2), Gordon (16.1), Ingram (15), McKinnon (13.6), Hunt (18.9) and Cohen (11.1) are all worthy of consideration. There’s quite a few with similar value/performance profiles this week; which makes it hard to find the right combo and should mean there’s fairly spread ownership levels overall. At Moneyball, I favour McKinnon/Ingram, while Gurley (15.7) is also an option, along with Fournette (16.5), and Kamara providing a value play (10.9 @ $5k).
  • WR: Again in a week with projected high scoring there’s so many viable options here. As mentioned, Julio Jones (18.2) stands out, while Nelson (15.3), Adams (13.9), Cooks (13.6), Landry (14.5), Snead (10.9), Tate (14.1), Pryor (11.7), Lee (10.4), Bryant (10.4), Allen (15.3) and Evans (16) are all viable plays at DS. A couple of those should be fairly low-owned, meaning if they go off you’d only be competing with 5-10% of players for big prizes. At Moneyball I’d also look at Hopkins (14), Fitzgerald (11.6), Matthews (9.6), and Garcon (10.6).
  • TE: Zach Ertz (13.4) and Ebron (8.9) are great options at different ends of the pricing scale on Draftstars, while I’d also be looking to include players like Reed (12.3), Rudolph (9.9), Kelce (13), and Walker (11.8) if I was multi-entering at DS. On the Moneyball side, it’s also worth considering Coby Fleener (7.3), but I think Ertz is a standout option. Other value picks in multi-entry play at Moneyball include Cook (7.6 @ $5300), Engram (7.5 @ $5400).
  • DEF: Tough week for defences with the predicted results, so again I’m looking at defences that can score positive points as well as save on the negative ones. For me, it’s Kansas City (8.1), Jacksonville (9), Minnesota Vikings (7.3), Houston Texans (8.6), LA Rams (7.4), Philadelphia Eagles (7.1), Carolina Panthers (7.1), and Tampa Bay (7) on the shortlist at Draftstars, while I’d focus on the Jags, Chiefs, Redskins and Ravens at Moneyball.
  • STACKS: Stacks this week are focused on big wins, and the QB/WR we like, so it’s Ryan & Jones, Rodgers & [Adams or Nelson], Brees & Snead, Bortles & Lee, and Rivers & Allen for me as the top picks.


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Darryl Woodford

Darryl is the guy behind the DFS username dpwoodford. Co-founder of Fantasy Insider, he has over 15 years experience in building models for betting on sporting events, and was one of the early leaders in Australian DFS.

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