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It's London Week! Woot & Wye Podcast & NFL Week 3 Notes

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This week, we discuss the upcoming slate, games to target, and why you might want to watch the London game to make sure your big tourney lineups are the best they can be. Scroll down for our crib notes on our top picks for this week.

NFL Crib Notes

It's a bit of a sticky week, there's a dozen options at a couple of positions, and half a dozen at the others. A week for the multi-entry players in my opinion, and wouldn't be surprised to see a pretty random team taking home the $. It's a low entry watching brief for me.

  • QB: The top 12 QB's are only separated by about 4 points on the cruncher, which is around half the standard deviation of a premium QB, so really you could take any of those. So as usual, my preference would be to either pick a stacking candidate, value player or both. Aaron Rodgers (21.6), Matt Ryan (20.9), and Russell Wilson (20.3) are the best three for me me, while Tom Brady (21.2) could be a stacking candidate depending on injury. If you're multi-entering, you'll likely have lots of Wilson ($389/pt) at MB, so play others at DS.
  • RB: Jacquizz Rodgers (12, $8250) is still too cheap on DS, and Howard (14, $10350) looks like good value, but that will depend on his injury status. Kareem Hunt (17.1, $16800) is too expensive now for me, and Bell ($19250, 17.6) is hard to justify for 20% of your DS cap. Freeman (17.7) and Gordon (17.6) will probably feature in a few of my lineups. Sproles (11.2) and Ty Montgomery (15.1) are both in that value tier where you'd want exposure to them. The Woot & Wye guys like Thompson (10.6, can he repeat?) and Carson (7.3), who are definitely different options but not amongst my top choices.
  • WR: Julio Jones (20.7) is still playable, particularly with the matchup and a potential Ryan stack. There's lots of injuries around this week in key matches which will impact on who to play, as GB/NE WRs both look good in and alongside a stack. We really have to wait for injury news, so it's lucky the JAX game isn't the contest start time as it was last year! There are good options in Oak/Was, but will depend how much salary you have left from the others. If you're playing Russell Wilson, it has to be Baldwin (17.1) +2. If Matt Ryan, then go Jones +2.
  • TE: After we mocked the addition last week, the TE as FLEX did pay dividends for some people on Moneyball last week. Personally, I still have a hard time doing it, but there are some value options around this week who could save you some money if you slot them in at TE and FLEX. My shortlist is Cook, Clay, Ertz, Walker, Reed & Graham. Just pick 1 (or 2!)
  • DEF: The Ravens are certainly the best pick, but no good if you're playing the big contest. Otherwise, I like one of Broncos, Seahwaks, and Steelers on Draftstars, or Panthers, Raiders and Eagles if you need the $ at MB.

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