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DFS Down Under & Crib Sheet: Pre-Injury edition

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Things are a little bit different this week. Firstly, we joined the podcast for the full 40 minutes with Woot out of action, running through our predictions as well as the cruncher's opinion on Wye's picks. But, we also recorded before the horror news came down on DeShaun Watson's injury, so feel free to skip over the 5 minutes we spent discussing why you should (not) use a Texans stack this week..!

NFL Crib Notes

This week we have a $20k at Draftstars, and are down to $8k at Moneyball. There's also been a shift in the salaries at Draftstars, with QB now significantly cheaper and WR more expensive.

  • QB: Cousins (19.7), Brees (21.1), Hundley (17.9). Dalton (17.1), Ryan (18.2), Newton (18.7). 6 Lineups, 6 different QB at Draftstars, with the salary drop making QB a lot more random. At MB, Hundley is crazy value and simply a must play. Wye's top pick Alex Smith is in the top 10, and could easily switch in for one of the crunchers top picks.
  • RB: You've gotta watch what happens in Dallas, and see if you can work out who's going to get the carries. Alternatively, if they're all going to split them (as Jerry Jones seemed to imply) nobody is really DFS relevant. There's lots of question marks elsewhere too, with Freeman (17.6) & Murray (14.2) the top 2, but both questionable at this stage. Mccoy (21.1), & Petersen (15.6) are next in line, with Blount (11.5) the value pick. At Moneyball, we favour similar names with the addition of Ingram (14.6), Hunt (16.1) & Ivory (9.9). Wye's top pick Aaron Jones should be good for 14 with upside and is a good gamebook play, though think Murray can score similar for cheaper. Morris really just comes down to whether you can predict the starter, and while I like the spot on McCaffrey, I'm not sure on the price, especially at DS.
  • WR: The 53yd reception at the weekend shows Julio still has it, just need him to hit some consistent fantasy form. Anyway - it's him (19.4) and Mike Evans (17.7) making up my best 2, followed by Adams (14.5), Hilton (14.5), Green (15.2) and Thomas (13.9), with no value picks really standing out after the repricing. Hilton (11) is the extra one worth considering at MB. Of Wye's picks, I like Jones more than Tate, but the cruncher generally ranks Tate down -- I can't remember last time I had him. Am not convinced Paul Richardsons peripheral stats are good enough despite his recent scoring, and he's pretty expensive if you don't get the TDs. High variance play. Hopkins/Fuller are now hard to play with Watson out.
  • TE: Another set of questionable/probable/doubtful names atop the TE field. Walker (11.7), Reed (12.2), Kelce (12.8) and Ertz (12.7) are my top picks at DS, and much the same at MB. The DS pricing adjustments do seem to make TEs a little more viable. I have no objection on Wye's picks -- Graham is still priced & owned a bit on reputation I think, but Kelce/Ertz very viable. Higbee (!!) is cheap, probably low owned, and potentially a good POD if you buy into the spot -- be sure to listen in to the pod for Wye's reasoning!
  • DEF: Dolphins/Chiefs/Falcons/Bengals/Jags/Colts.. add Ravens/Packers/Eagles at MB.. spin a coin, or find a RNG. I'll save you the rant I did on the pod on why Defence is a horrible fantasy position.

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