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AFLW Round 4 – $5,000 Saturday Contest

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Teams that have gone past 500 have generally had a good look at cashing so this team is being built with a 50-60pt floor (per player) in mind. That gets us to 500-540 and hopefully from there a few can go on to those big scores needed to take down a tourney.  


Katie Brennan ($11,150): She didn’t play in the GF but no one will be more fired up than KB in this game. The Lions key defence is understrength and Brennan is trending up. Expect her tackling pressure to be there tonight, along with plenty of 6pt plays (mark/kick). Few goals and she smashes that 60pts we are after.

Monique Conti ($11,870): Will play onball tonight and should be an absolute lock for 60pts. Averaging 67pts in her two games in the midfield this season and she will have very fond memories of her dominant best-on-ground grand final performance. Hopefully plenty of Conti-Brennan stuff tonight.

Anne Hatchard ($12,440): Missed by the salary cappers despite a three-game average of 88pts, Hatchard is a must play for mine. Right price, right role (midfield / ruck relief) and right game style for her to go well – the Dockers will keep the contest tight then spread. Hatchard is good at both. 18 tackles and 44 handballs in three games, that’s 60pts on average right there before she catches or puts boot to ball.

Deni Varnhagen ($9,410): Really consistent and often overlooked in the midfield with coaches wanting to pay up for stars. Averaging 63pts from 3 games. All were different and she found a way to get to that magic 60pts in all three. Pretty safe selection at the price too, even a 45-50pts game wont kill the team with the sub-10k price tag.

Georgia Gee ($9,300): Have loved her first two games this season, especially that 6 tackle average. 32pt floor right there for a sub 10k player… yes please. Highly skilled too, they like it in her hands. Likely to get great ownership too.

Ellie Blackburn ($15,440): One of two 15k+ stars were paying up for. Blackburn continues our ‘Dogs will bark loudly’ theme. They won’t tag her, so she will just roam free and rack up possessions at will. Lock her in for a 75+.

Lauren Brazzale ($7,100): Absolutely torched half the field (myself included) last Saturday with a 10pt game. I’m more than happy to go right back there, especially after rewatching the game. She spilled a couple, 4-5 got kicked over her head and she was there for hands or an option for another half dozen – Brazzale gets to the spaces she just wasn’t used last week. Expect a return to that 50pt mark here at a great price and (hopefully) great ownership.

McKenzie Dorwick ($7,660): Bit of a risk but I loved Dowrick’s 30pt final term on Sunday. With Virgo and Lutkins both under an injury cloud, Dorwick could get a much more significant distribution role here in a backline that is likely to be very busy tonight. Solid pod play, hoping for a 50pter.

Jess Foley ($15,490): Rain, hail or sunshine, Foley will get it done which is why were paying the hefty price. 20 hitouts and 4 tackles is a great 36pt floor for a ruck who likes to find the footy. Has gome from 6 touhes week one, 15 week 2 and 18 last week. It’s a trend that I can see continuing especially against an undersized Paris Laurie / Gemma Houghton combo.

Salary Remaining: $140 


Games = 8

Spend = $120

Win = $107.54

Profit = -$12.46