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AFLW R5 – $2,000 Sunday Triple Header

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When the field is likely to zig, it’s time to zag! We’re going heavy on the early game in a three-game slate that is unlikely to be affected by rain or much wind which makes for a great afternoon of AFLW DFS. We missed the cash by one point yesterday in a frustrating afternoon of scrappy footy – this afternoon promises to be much cleaner which makes it slightly easier for us at selection.


Tegan Cunningham ($8,760): The salary capper missed Cunningham which makes her a really strong value play against a team like GWS who has been poor defensively this year. She is likely to see plenty of opportunity and while her average is uninspiring, her last-start 7-disposal, 7-mark, 1 goal 55pt effort is much more around the mark we can expect this afternoon.

Tyla Hanks ($10,270): This team is pushing all-in on a Demons demolition of the Giants which makes Hanks a very savvy POD play. Her 51pt 3-game average is about what we can expect but I do think she has a fantasy ceiling that’s much higher if she can convert her opportunities. Could see 4-5 shots on goal here.

Erin Phillips ($16,800): Back to back fantasy tons and against decent opposition – Phillips is n out and out dfs gun that is just really difficult to leave out. I wanted to, just to hope that a stronger North defence would contain her point scoring, but she is well priced and can score around the ground as well as in front of goals. Expect her to tear Hardiman apart up forward.

Hayler Miller ($9,090): Suspended last game so you can count on Miller being desperate for the footy this evening in Perth. For 9k I’m more than happy with that 40pt average, she has a 60pt game in her though and will be super low owned likely single digits. Yet to take a mark in season 2019 so there is upside.

Bec Beeson ($12,650): My Dees stack dictates that I look strongly at a few Giants and Beeson’s price is right. Has been a shining light for the Giants this season, averaging over 60pts. Loves to tackle but hasn’t yet racked up huge defensive numbers to go along with her 20 disposal average – today could be the day. Likely to be highly owned at the price though.

Karen Paxman ($17,280): If you think the Demons will be dominant, you take Karen Paxman. It’s just a fantasy rule. Building into the season nicely with 24 and 25 disposals last two starts. Loves a shot on goal as well. Her fantasy ceiling is up in the three figures and with so many stars priced up in her bracket I can see Paxman being under 20% this afternoon.

Amanda Farrugia ($9,690):  15 disposals and 4 marks last start after a woeful first three games, Farrugia played loose a lot last game and I expect the same this afternoon. If there is a bit of wind or the Demons disposal is a little off, Farrugia will score well. Slight negative correlation with so many Demons forwards but the price appeals to me. Not often you get a defender capable of clearing 50 for under 10k.

Elyse Gamble ($5,880): Pretty solid debut for Gamble, the 36ts was low enough to not see a huge price jump. On the wide expanses of Fremantle Oval I can see a few more marks and kicks. Id I get 40 out of her I’ll be very happy but at this price even a 25-30 wont kill the team.

Eden Zanker ($9,570): Which Zanker will we get this afternoon? 60pt diamonds or 35pt rocks? If the pattern is maintained it will be the former, at a great price. Hoping for a big 70pt game.

Salary Remaining: $10


Games = 11

Spend = $165

Win = $129.85

Profit = -$35.15