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“You need both safety and risk to win”: Your Ultimate Guide to DFS Golf & the 147th British Open at Carnoustie

Posted Mon 16 July by Hedge

With Draftkings arriving in Australia and so many aussie DFS’ers enjoying playing the US Open last month,  Golf fever has swept through the Fantasy Insider offices ahead of the 147th British Open at Carnoustie in Scotland.

Whether you have played a few games, played zero DFS golf, whether you love having a hit or have never picked up a club in your life – if you love your fantasy sport then The Open has something for you!

And who better to walk listeners through the tactics and strategies than one of the best DFS players in Australia in jayk123!!

The Open Hub

Ok so you’ve listened to one of the best in the business, now it’s time to crunch some numbers and do a little bit of background.

For the number crunchers out there, a few sites recommended by a few of the Fantasy Insider crew are Fantasy Golf Metrics and Golf Stats .

The PGA Tour site has some good course and player info whilst Draftkings has a plethora of player analysis and information available.

As we heard in the Podcast, weather does play a factor so make sure you are avoiding having players out in the windier or rainy conditions by checking the weather. Here is the BBC 14-day Forecast site.

Now you have done your research it’s time to throw a few teams into the action!

Draftkings and PlayOn both offer DFS Golf to Aussies.

Lastly, as Jayk123 said in the Pod, remember the salaries are nice and soft so even if you aren’t doing much research at all you can still have a team of good golfers – going the extra mile on the pre-game research front is always a good idea but sometimes the best way to learn is just throwing a team on then watching the action unfold.

For those that have teams on, make sure you keep us updated with how you are going via  Twitter  



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