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State of the Industry: 20 March - It's AFL Time!

Posted {{post.formattedDate}} by Darryl Woodford

The last couple of weeks this column (two weeks ago by myself, and last week by k1w1) has been discussing some of the problems with NRL DFS. This week though, it's a time of optimism, as AFL gets going for the year, and we start to see some of those big prize pools come back to the industry. Let's take a quick look at some of the highlights of the coming week, and some early thoughts on the contests.


There will be close to $250,000 in guaranteed prize money awarded this week in AFL, and possibly more if Moneyball's pools increase or we see some more single games added. For those of you who are FI Subscribers (and if not, why not? Today (Monday) is your final chance to grab an early bird price!)

Draftstars Round 1 AFL contests as at 20 March

The headliner, of course, is Draftstars' $50k Saturday contest, for the 4-game afternoon/evening slate. I fancy we'll be seeing some Sydney and Gold Coast stacks that day, with both teams expected to score more than 100, but with the contest having a 100-entry limit, there's plenty of scope for contrarian stacks, and a decent upset (e.g. Brisbane winning by a decent margin over Gold Coast) could be worth punting on. Moneyball have a $10k tournament for the Saturday slate.

We also have $20k contests for both the Thursday and Friday night games, and each of those is complemented by a $10k freeroll, 'Beat Barry'. As with the DS Grand Final contest, this will be a case of picking 6 players to go up against Barry's 6. We wrote a bit about the strategy for that contest before the Grand Final, so I'll just link you to that post for more information. For the $20ks, as I always used to say on our videos last year, it'll be about having some 'optimal' teams, combined with stacks that cover you if either team wins in a blowout. Moneyball's $10k's for Thursday and Friday night will also be worth a shot.

There is also a $20k contest at Draftstars and $10k at Moneyball for the Sunday slates. We'll talk more about those later in the week.


The other big contests around at the moment are for NBA, and particularly the jackpotting tournaments at Draftstars. As I write this, both the 400 and mid-target contests have jackpotted again, with the 400 now worth $8,464 (for $1 entry) and the mid-target set at 330 for Monday with a $9,600 prize pool. The 400 hasn't been close to being hit for days now, and potentially we could see the mid-target break through the $10k barrier as today's slate looks anything but easy.

If you haven't been playing, the value on entering these at this stage is significant, so it's well worth a go. Note though that the mid-target has a limit of 10 entries per person, per day.

Daily contests in NBA continue to range between $4,000 and about $15,000 on both platforms, and we have full coverage in our Lineup Cruncher. If you're looking for inspiration, you can also read about one of our subscribers recent successes.


Not to be forgotten about, Draftstars are running a $5k Beat Wendell freeroll on this Thursday's Rabbitohs/Roosters clash. The basic strategy here is exactly the same as for the AFL ones, so be sure to stick a team in! Otherwise, prize pools were up slightly again this week, but the problems with late updates and the challenges of injuries continue.