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JLT DFS Advice: Blues vs Bombers

Posted {{post.formattedDate}} by Roody

Degenerate (adjective): Someone who spends their hard-earned on a JLT DFS competition.

Well then ladies and gentleman, I have a confession to make. I’m a degenerate. Because despite my better judgement I’m going to be playing the Draftstars JLT $5K Blues v Bombers competition tonight. If you’re like me and enjoy throwing you money away from no good reason, then firstly, we both need help and secondly, let’s have a quick look and some considerations for this game.

Roody’s Five JLT DFS Commandments

  • Thou shall not compete seriously:

It is not possible for the JLT Series to have any less meaning than it does already. There is literally nothing on the line for any club apart from an opportunity to trial the new rules being introduced in 2019.

  • You shall not play thy studs for a full game:

Coaches will demonstrate NBA-esque player management strategies with minutes played being carefully monitored. Established players who have had interrupted preseasons will be the first to sit so don’t have too many of these guys in your teams. That said, a half from a stud like Dangerfield could provide the same amount of fantasy points than a whole game from someone like Charlie Constable.

  • Thou shall not believe the hype:

Every player and their instagram-famous dog has been “training the house down” and is about to have their “break-out year”. Be wary of touted role changes and their potential fantasy impact.

  • Thou shall ignore the salary cap:

Blanket $11K player salaries make the DS salary cap completely irrelevant. Don’t feel like you must have a rookie or inexperienced player in your team just for the sake of it.

  • Thou shall not tilt on Twitter or any other social media platform:

If a player lets you down by not playing a full game or not playing in their new half-back flank role, then it’s not their fault, it’s yours, you degenerate JLT DFS playing scum!

Player considerations

Yes, I’m fully aware that I just said to ignore information like this but clearly you don’t care because you’re playing JLT DFS. Here are just a few players who I’m keen to watch tonight.


I’m a sucker for a forward in midfielder’s clothing so I’ll be keen to see how Paddy Dow and Darcy Parish are used tonight. Carlton might be playing some funny buggers at the selection table by naming Dow in a back pocket and 177cm Cameron Polson at centre-half forward. I’d love to see Dow unleashed in the midfield and hopefully we might see this if for nothing else than the second half of the game. All the press has been on McGrath’s excellent preseason but Parish could be an important part of the Don’s 2019 campaign. Will be interesting to see his role tonight as well.

Big men Mitch McGovern and Joe Daniher have both been named despite having interrupted preseasons. It’s easy to forget just how dominant Daniher can be when he’s up and running. Fingers crossed that he can rediscover his best. Shaun McKernan could be a good sneaky play here on a slate where we'll see a lot of similar teams.


Now that Melbourne’s Neville Jetta has shaken off the tag of the AFL’s most underrated footballer, can we now please turn our attention to Kade Simpson. This guy is a just a freak. Over the past 14 years, Simpson has been the only constant in a Carlton backline that has essentially been under siege for Simpson’s entire career. Over 14 season, Simpson averages 87 fantasy points. Another year without Sam Docherty means that Simpson will have every opportunity to extend his golden run. One small complication may be the arrival of Nic Newman. I may even play both of these guys in my team tonight.


Preseason darling Michael Gibbons will be heavily owned tonight and even more heavily owned in Round One. I’m always a little more cautious than most with rookies, even if they do have an incredible VFL resume. Some of Essendon’s star mids are carrying injuries so be cautious of Heppell and Merrett. Coaches and fans will be keen to get a look at Dylan Shiel and other Essendon mids are rested, than Shiel could end up playing a fair number of minutes. It’s also been five months since I’ve seen Patrick Cripps play football and I can’t wait for that drought to end. I’ll be playing Cripps tonight hoping that he spends a bit of time forward and jags a couple of goals.


Zac Clarke was a canny pickup by Essendon in the off-season. Clarke should ruck for most the game with Shaun McKernan providing some ruck relief.