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Insider Stories: $50 to $5k in 12 months – it’s possible!

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Darryl: We love to hear success stories from our subscribers. In this column, AntLee shares his journey from a single $50 deposit to having over $5,000 in his DFS accounts. If you have a story you'd like to share, get in touch. 

$50 to $5k in 12 months – it’s possible!

I am an avid player of AFL fantasy and SuperCoach and have been for the past 7 years at least, coming a PB of 51st in Fantasy and 330ish in SuperCoach. In all this time I have never won a cent from these games but still hold hope of one day gaining the glory of the main prize.
Before the 2016 AFL season commenced I was notified of the glorious site, Draftstars, which is where a large portion of Daily Fantasy Sports games are played. I thought I would have a dabble and laid out a cool $50 to play some games. I was unfamiliar with the DFS concept so I did a bit of research and came across Fantasy Insider. Darryl and his team had several articles out with projections of scores. So after a bit of tweaking entered my first few games, one of which I turned out to come home trumps and collect $1,000. The next week I came 3rd and collected $1500. How good is this I was thinking, $2.5k in 2 weeks!!!
I continued to play throughout the year and ended the AFL season up $4000 from my $50 original outlay. The research on the Fantasy Insider website proved to be the aid I needed on so many occasions. When I was undecided between 2 players, I would turn to the stats and see who was projected for a higher score. More often than not, the stats came up trumps.
I was very pleased with the profit considering I only entered 1 team per game, which would equate to about 4 over a weekend. So I was going for quality not quantity (plus I would get in trouble if I put a heap of teams in).
I then moved into NBA, and having no idea about the game as I can’t stand watching it, it was difficult without the grounded knowledge that I had with AFL. After a couple of months playing without any success at all, I again turned to the Fantasy Insider page and subscribed to the full package which gives you all the Lineup Crunchers and Smart Lineups for each day. Within a week I had beaten the target score of 340 on the day with both my teams that I had submitted (I don’t know why I put 2 in that day). I came home with $611 for each team for a $1220 total for the day!!!
So now I am up over $5k for the year and have some knowledge about NBA (still can’t watch the game though). Not bad for outlaying $50 at the start.
Anyone can play these games and do not need to be a sports nut, and if you put the research in, there is no reason why anyone can’t win like I have. With the Fantasy Insider subscription in your pocket (which pays for itself pretty quickly), this will further enhance your knowledge and put you in good stead to win some cash to brag about with the boys.
I encourage everyone to give the subscription a go and good luck to you all. My aim is to double up to 10k by the end of the AFL season, time to crunch some line ups.
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