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Grand Final Tips, NFL notes and offseason plans

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One final update for 2015 on the AFL and NRL, with some players to look out for in the Grand Finals, regardless of where you’re playing your DFS. Both Moneyball and Top8 have high $ contests this week across both codes, while SportsFantasyPro have the finale of their playoff series, with $5k on the line. At both Moneyball and SFP a first place will win you $1k, so somebody will have a good weekend.

AFL Grand Final: 5 to watch

  • Luke Hodge
  • Sam Mitchell
  • Jordan Lewis
  • Brian Lake
  • Jarryd Roughead

NRL Grand Final: 5 to watch

  • Anthony Milford
  • Gavin Cooper
  • Michael Morgan
  • Ben Hunt
  • Jack Reed

A quick word on the NFL

For those of you who’ve been researching, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that the Moneyball scoring system for NFL is equivalent to that being used by FanDuel in the US. Importantly though, the salaries offered are different, which means the US advice can’t simply be applied as-is. It’s a worwhile endeavour to look at who is presenting value on the Moneyball system, and how you might be able to incorporate them into the lineup advice that’s prevelent for FanDuel. This week, you might want to take a look at the following players:

  • Tyrod Taylor
  • Donte Moncrief
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Tyler Eifert
  • Julio Jones

We’ll look into offering more on the NFL as the season progresses.

Offseason Plans


With AFL and NRL coming to a conclusion, it provides us with an opportunity to update the backend so that we can put out content more quickly and easily in 2016. However all won’t be silent; in addition to the NFL above we will keep an eye on the products offered in the Australian DFS scene, and if there’s a demand for content around NBA (i.e. the scoring/salaries are different), or other sports such as the A-League, NBL or Big Bash cricket are offered, we’ll be on-hand with predictions.

Until then though, enjoy the Grand Finals! I’m off to the beach..