Darryl crunched an NRL lineup for DraftStars 3 minutes ago

3,039,171 lineups crunched

AFL EXCLUSIVE – Controversial MRO interpretations finally explained properly ahead of huge round of DFS action!

Posted Fri 11 May by Hedge

The FI Pod put’s on it’s big boy journo pants this week, landing a bombshell exclusive with AFL MRO Michael Christian who perfectly explains his recent controversial calls.

Roody returns to deliver a team so good that I couldnt help but crack open a cold beverage and wait to collect!

Speaking of cracks, yours truly has a red hot go at delivering listeners into the big dollars available for Saturday’s 50k contest on Draftstars.

Ripping Round 8 ahead so sit back and enjoy what could very well be (but probably is not) our best Pod yet!

Roody’s Friday Night Draftstars Team
Hedge’s Saturday 50k Draftstars team



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